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Divine Connections Along your Path!

Sitting on the park bench on the White House Ellipse

While on a recent trip to Washington DC, my husband and I decided to take a few hours to visit some sights. The weather was unseasonable hot and as we walked, we had to stop several times in the shade to rest and drink some water. Along our pathway was the White House, where we stopped to sit on some benches in the shade. As we set and looked at the White House eclipse, a lady came by and asked if she could sit next to me. After she set down, she asked me “Are you from America?” I replied, “Yes”. She then asked if she could ask me a few questions. I said “Sure”, not really knowing what I was agreeing to. She said “Who was the first President to live in the White House?”. I said “Good Question! I’m not really sure but can find out real quick.” As I googled and found out the answer, which by the way is John Adams, I asked her where she was from. Her reply was “The Congo”. She said this was her first time in America and she came to get some help, as she is part of a group that is helping to rescue young boys who are being recruited into the fighting going on in the Congo. She said they have had a Civil War going on for 23 years! As she continued to share about the horrible living conditions, including no running water, my heart began to hurt for those in her country. I began to ask her about Christianity in the Congo and she told me that many are coming to know the Lord, and that she in fact was a Christian. She asked if we were Christians and I told her yes, in fact we were Ministers. She then began to share with me that she had a group of women intercessors who prayed for our President and that she had to come see the White House while she was in America! She said they pray for President Trump every morning, because they feel America’s success is directly connected to the success of other Nations. WOW, I was so touched by the passion in which she spoke of our President and their commitment for intercession. I thought, what if everyone understood what they understood? What if we all set aside time every day to pray for our President, our Government leaders and the destiny of our Nation? I tell you what would happen, our Nation would shift back to what our Founding Father’s original intent was for America. To be a shining light to ALL Nations!

The next day, we were honored to meet with National Prayer Leaders from across our Nation to strategize and birth a new unified Prayer movement for our Nation called, One Voice. This movement is the very thing that has the ability to ignite a passion in each of us to pray for our Nation. I am excited and encouraged to see how God is moving in our Nation and now we will have an opportunity to come together AS ONE, with unified collective power that can bring healing and restoration to our divided Nation. It is time for us to be the One Nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All! Look for more to come as the One Voice Prayer Movement is scheduled to launch in November!

Oh by the way, I finally asked the lady who had set down beside me her name. She said “Esther”. I said of course it is, you are an Esther. Thank you for praying for our Nation and our President and we will commit to praying for your Nation. It was such an honor to meet and pray with Esther. I am so thankful to the Lord for guiding and directing our steps so that we would meet her at the right place at the right time! I want to encourage you that if you allow the Lord to lead and guide your steps, there will be Divine Connections along your path!

Lynn Alderson Kingdom Authority Ministries, Inc.

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